Fashion Design Workshop Dubai 2020

👉 The workshop is sensibly designed to educate a passionate pool of minds to absorb both the business and artistic aspect of being a fashion designer.⁠

This year, the fashion design workshop will take place in ⬇️
🔴 Dubai, Starting March 1st - April 1st.⁠

🔴 Limited Spaces (30 students only)⁠

🔴 4 Days a Week | 6:00PM - 9:00PM

🔴 S, M, T, W

🔴 Sheraton Creek Hotel, Dubai

🔴 Certificate of Attendance⁠

Register Now ✂️⁠ 👉 www.nkfashiondesignworkshop.com

Accelerate Your Fashion Design Skills⁠
* The basics of Fashion Design & all the skills necessary⁠
* Empowering people. Lifetime support⁠
* Become a Fashion Designer in less than 3 months⁠
* It is an absolute satisfaction watching other people wearing your art⁠
* Opportunity to sell your creations / tap into the fashion multi million dollar market⁠


Courses are designed to introduce students to the basics of fashion design and all the skills necessary to become a fashion designer in the modern society.

 A fashion career is a two-thirds artist and one- third business. Colors, illustrations, fabrics, and creativity are all skills a fashion designer must learn to put a collection together.

You will be introduced to the theory of the pattern making, “moulage” and draping besides the business facets of this industry like Public relation, marketing, and social media, in order to understand more the many cores of the fashion business.

  • Learn about fashion history.
  • Understand and develop the use and application of design elements like lines, shapes, textures, and colors to form a good design.
  • Develop and understand the “Human figure” with various styles _depending on each one’s identity_, which is known as “Fashion drawing”.
  • Create “Mood boards” and apply them during the creation process.
  • Learn about the two major categories of fiber-natural and manmade, and understand the difference between fibers, yarns, and fabrics.
  • Intro to printing techniques, embroidery, creative fabrics, and yarns crafts.
  • Acquire knowledge of the types of garments machinery used for stitching and produce any kind of garments.
  • Understand the nature of the fashion business: marketing, public relation, types of fashion(Haute Couture, ready to wear and mass market).
  • Last but not least, the influence of Social Media.
This program is designed and written by Nathalie Karam.

Additional Information: 


Location: Jal el dib

Please arrive at our studio at least 10 minutes prior to the schedule.

Cancellation Policy:
No refund.

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